Traci Williams
Front End Web Developer

About Me

Hi! I'm Traci and I'm a graduate from General Assembly in Chicago.

Previously, I was a web manager for a mutual fund company where I was
responsible for the day to day operations of the company’s website
as well as various related projects such as marketing and email campaigns.
I was also the project manager for our website redesigns over the years
and served on the company’s CRM implementation team.

As my career grew, I became more interested in the development and design side
which led me to enroll in General Assembly's bootcamp.
I am still learning to code and loving every minute of it!


shay howe

Project Name: Styles Conference

Technologies Used: HTML • CSS

Purpose and Goals: A tutorial by Shay Howe that I completed, which gave a very through understanding of basic HTML and CSS principals.
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fast and furious

Project Name: Fast and Furious

Technologies Used: HTML • CSS • Animate.css • Normalize • a jQuery plug-in called Waypoints • Ionicons

Purpose and Goals: As I am a huge fan of the Fast and Furious franchise, I wanted to make a site with the characters in mind. With this site, I use a simple parallax effect and this was my first time using a jQuery plug-in called Waypoints.
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potty check

Project Name: Potty Check - Final General Assembly group project with classmates Jennifer Brown and Tina Rodriquez.

Technologies Used: HTML • CSS • Materialize • Google Maps

Purpose and Goals: We were asked to brainstorm and come up with an idea for a basic app. Because we had limited time (roughly 4 days), we settled on an app to check the whereabouts of various restrooms in the city of Chicago. Jennifer focused on the backend, Tina designed the frontend and I was in charge of implementing the Google Map.
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truth communications

Project Name: Truth Communications

Technologies Used: Balsamiq • Photoshop • HTML • CSS

Purpose and Goals: I was asked to create a small business website. I started with user personas, paper and pencil wireframes, digital wireframes and converted the basic PSD file a simple HTML version. As of right now, this is a work-in-progress but I wanted to show what I have accomplished so far.
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Project Name: Kicks

Technologies Used: Bootstrap 3

Purpose and Goals: As most women, I have alot of shoes and I was initially going to create a site for women's shoes but decided to do something different. As I am a huge basketball fan, I decided to create a site for men's basketball shoes. Who knew there were so many basketball shoes!
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pixel art maker

Project Name: Pixel Art Maker

Technologies Used: JavaScript

Purpose and Goals: Currently enrolled in Udacity's Front End Nanodegree program, this is one of the first JavaScript projects. I really enjoy learning JavaScript and I am trying to learn this language as in-depth as I can.
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Project Name: Wonder Woman Poster

Technologies Used: Illustrator

Purpose and Goals: Practice with the pen tool in Illustrator. One of my heroes...Wonder Woman. More to come...
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